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J&K Ex CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah - Exposed by Modi...

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Hindusthan's fate has taken a 180 degrees turn! The following e-mail is a revelation. With a Hindu prime minister of Bharat, the freedom of expression is gradually coming to light.
All those good, peace loving, Hindu citizens listed below were murdered in Kashmir by morbid Muslim morons over several years but the nation used to read the news with resignation and forgot it within five minutes.
Indian "coolie" press, "All India Radio" and "Doordarshan" would rather mention every insignificant trivia concerning some member of Nehru Dynasty or Congress Party, including the one from ITALY brought by the prime minister's son to elevate his social standing among the lowly natives, rather than mention the slaughter or massacre of Hindus and Sikhs.
Luckily that Era of "Dog & Bitch" is over" and villains like Farook Abdullah are being EXPOSED with courage Jagdish Tytler & a few more are yet to be "caught by their horns" for instigating Sikh genocide in November 1984, and not to forget the criminals behind the wanton massacres and rape of Tamils in Northern Sri Lanka in 1987!
How do the OTHERS honour their dead? By raising Monuments, erecting columns or pillars, and by regularly COMMEMORATING their sacrifices. In this regard Bharat's landscape is BLANK. 
Though one Mohammedan hasn't got much clue about Koran and Hadis, when a hundred of them gang up together they can set fire to the country. In case of Hindus, each one is well versed with the contents of Gita and Ramayana, even Guru Granth Sahib but when a hundred gather (if at all, and if ever!) then they become ZERO!  How?
This hypothesis is proved by LOK SABHA where the representatives of a billion Hindus sit under one roof. Yet they are unable to do or achieve anything since they are zero, mere WIND.
Can we expect WIND to raise monuments to our dead or even allow and encourage the construction of the grand Temple in Ayodhya? Hence there is NO memorial to the Dead of 1947, leave aside the Tamils killed in Sri Lanka in 1987, and the Sikhs massacred in Delhi in 1984. What chance then that the "WIND" will wish to commemorate the sacred memory of all those martyrs mentioned in the e-mail below?
We should, nevertheless, INSIST on raising memorials to them in Kashmir, including the Lt Col and his men killed by the ENEMY last week..
Those who have been to major cities in Europe would have seen plaques fixed on front of houses and buildings to denote those killed on that very spot during World War 2.
In the meantime let us insist on seeing Farook Abdullah in the dock. So what if he was the chief minister of a state? Do the chief ministers and the cabinet ministers enjoy amnesty that they cannot be tried? Bring that BOFORS CHOR, too, to the dock!
A chastised Bharat will be an HONOURABLE Bharat where the Hindu is not killed or forced out of his home or made to watch his daughter, or wife, being raped as in I.S. (Islamic State, or Caliphate).
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And it is true. For the first time somebody is acting bold and unpolitic and telling the truth. 
J&K Ex CM Dr. Farooq Abdullah - Exposed by Modi...

Thank U Narendra Modi for rightly blaming Farooq Abdullah for the genocide of Kashmiri Pandit's. Nobody till date had the guts to say this.

Modi is absolutely right, Dr. Abdullah abdicated his duty as CM in 1990 and fled to safe haven of London, leaving minorities vulnerable. 

7 lac Displaced Kashmiri Pandits thank Narendra Modi for exposing Farooq Abdullah's secularism. Thank U Narendra Modi for speaking the truth about the genocide of Kashmiri Pandit's by Farooq Abdullah.

Instead of telling those voting for Modi to drown, Dr. Abdullah should look at himself & his family in the mirror & see how they ruined J&K.

Farooq Abdullah played golf while Kashmir burnt. If anybody is modern day Nero in India it is Farooq Abdullah, most inefficient CM ever.

Farooq Abdullah as CM was so useless ,he was called wazir e Disco by Kashmiris. 

Appeal for bogus Secularism is last resort of inefficient politician.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Advocate Premnath Bhat was killed in Anantnag

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when posters were pasted outside our homes to leave Kashmir.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when the Wandhama massacre happened.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when hundreds of Sikhs were killed in Chhatisingh Pura, Kashmir.

Farooq remained silent when the speakers of mosques were used to threaten us to leave Kashmir, leaving behind our women folk.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Doordarshan director Lassa Koul was killed in Srinagar.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when Justice Neelkanth Ganjoo was assassinated in Srinagar.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when advocate Tika Lal Taploo was assassinated in broad daylight in Srinagar.

Farooq Abdullah remained silent when nurse Sarla Ganju was hanged on a tree after her breasts cut.

Farooq Abdullah - the man who co-founded JKLF to wage war against India - gives sermons to India today.

Tragic Irony !!!

This message is being circulated by Kashmiri Pandits.  

Just read it and imagine the plight of pandits.
Pl. Forward and reach it to many.

!! धन्यवाद !!

Komal S Patel

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